ManulifeMOVE is a first-of-its-kind concept tracking your every move with a fitness tracker1 that is linked to our ManulifeMOVE mobile app and rewards you with premium discounts. Make your every move more rewarding.
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Rewards your every move
with discounts on your premiums

With a fitness tracker recording your number of steps, you can sync it to our ManulifeMOVE mobile app and monitor your average daily steps2. After meeting the requirement of MOVE Reward Level3, you can enjoy premium discounts4 on your coverage of eligible plan5 upon renewal in next membership year. The more you move, the higher the premium discount you can enjoy:
To become a ManulifeMOVE member and participate in this innovative insurance concept, you simply need to successfully take up an eligible plan5 and fulfill the following criteria:
  • Aged 18 or above, and you must be the person insured and policyowner of your eligible plan with residency in Hong Kong or Macau; and
  • Provide a valid email address when you sign up to the policy.

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Simply fill in the ManulifeMOVE enrollment form and submit it together with the policy application form of the eligible plan5. Once you have activated your MOVE member account and connected your fitness tracker in ManulifeMOVE mobile app, you can start tracking your every move to earn rewards in the form of premium discounts.

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  1. Any fitness tracker models of Fitbit or Misfit (Partners).
  2. Average daily steps is calculated by aggregating the number of steps synced with the ManulifeMOVE mobile app for the following tracking periods divided by the number of days in the respective tracking period:
    • First membership year: the tracking period is from the date which your fitness tracker account is successfully linked to your ManulifeMOVE mobile app to 61 days prior to your first ManulifeMOVE anniversary. It must be at least 180 days.
    • Second membership year and onwards: the tracking period starts from 60 days prior to your ManulifeMOVE anniversary and runs for every calendar year.
  3. MOVE Reward Level
    1. Your average daily number of steps is calculated based on the tracking period as defined in Clause 2 above. The tracking period of your first membership year must be at least 180 days, i.e. you must activate your ManulifeMOVE mobile app within 125 days after your ManulifeMOVE membership commences, in order to fulfill the MOVE Reward Level requirement. You can attain the MOVE Reward Level if your average daily number of steps is at least, or higher than, the corresponding requirement of that level.
    2. If you cannot achieve the MOVE Reward Level in any given membership year, you can still be eligible for premium discounts thereafter if you attain the reward level in subsequent membership years.
    3. The MOVE Reward Level requirements are subject to change from time to time. Please visit to learn more about the latest requirements and benefits you can enjoy. In case of any disputes arising out of ManulifeMOVE, the decision of Manulife shall be final and conclusive.
  4. ManulifeMOVE Premium Discount
    1. ManulifeMOVE premium discount is varied and based on the MOVE Reward Level you have attained according to the average daily steps (as defined in Clause 2 and 3 above). The premium discount will be automatically applied to all eligible plans which are held by you as the policyowner and person insured, by deducting from the renewal premium amount due for the next policy anniversary that falls into the next membership year. In case the first policy anniversary for your eligible plan falls before the start of your second MOVE membership year, no premium discount will be applicable to this first policy renewal. However, the appropriate premium discount would be applied to the second policy renewal, as it would fall within your second membership year.
    2. The premium discount is applicable to all payment modes, but not applicable to prepayment of premium.
    3. The premium discount is applicable to ALL coverage of eligible plans (as defined in Clause 5 below) of which the ManulifeMOVE members are the policyowner and the person insured with the coverage of eligible plans remaining inforce for at least 12 months when applying premium discount upon policy anniversary as specified in Clause 4a. Any premium discount will cease immediately upon coverage termination for any reason.
    4. The premium discount is only applicable to standard premium; any premium for extra loadings and extra premium due to increased coverage as a result of the Inflation Protector Option are not applicable.
    5. The premium discount is only applicable to eligible basic/rider coverage as mentioned in Clause 5a. Any basic/rider coverage not mentioned in Clause 5a will not receive premium discount even they are taken/attached under one single insurance policy with eligible basic/rider coverage.
    6. The premium discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers unless otherwise agreed by Manulife.
    7. Manulife reserves the right to change, terminate or cancel the premium discount without prior notice. The decision of Manulife shall be final and conclusive.
  5. Eligible Plan
    1. The eligible plans include the following insurance coverage, for which applications are submitted through Manulife insurance/financial advisors, brokers, independent advisors or selected bank(s):
      1. ManuEssential Care with application submitted and approved on or after September 1, 2015.
      2. ManuMaster Healthcare Series/Benefit with application submitted and approved on or after September 1, 2015.
      3. Cancer Treatment Benefit with application submitted and approved on or after January 1, 2016.
      ManuMaster Healthcare Benefit and Cancer Treatment Benefit are not eligible if attached to Investment Linked Assurance Schemes policies.
    2. If you have terminated any existing coverage of the same eligible plan within 6 months prior to policy issue date/coverage effective date of the newly applied coverage, such coverage is not regarded as an eligible plan.
    3. Eligible plans are subject to change from time to time. Please refer to for the latest update. ManulifeMOVE Benefit Guide is subject to ManulifeMOVE Terms and Conditions.
  6. ManulifeMOVE Sign-up Gift
    1. Promotional period is from August 4, 2016 to December 31, 2016, both dates inclusive (Promotional Period).
    2. To be eligible for the ManulifeMOVE sign-up gift:
      1. You must sign and submit the completed ManulifeMOVE enrollment form together with the application form of eligible plan (as defined in Clause 5 above) within the Promotional Period; AND
      2. The eligible plan you apply for must be approved and issued from August 4, 2016 to April 1, 2017 and must have been inforce for at least 30 days by April 30, 2017.
    3. Eligible ManulifeMOVE members must stay as the policyowner and person insured of the eligible plan.
    4. Each eligible ManulifeMOVE member can only be entitled to the sign-up gift once in ManulifeMOVE. Once the choice of the sign-up gift has been made, it cannot be changed.
    5. The redemption details of the sign-up gift will be sent to eligible ManulifeMOVE members within 4-6 weeks of the eligible plan being approved and issued.
    6. Fitness trackers are available while stocks last. Manulife reserves the right to change the model of the fitness trackers from time to time without prior notice. Final model availability is subject to Manulife's confirmation by separate communication to customers.
    7. Manulife reserves the right to charge an administration fee of HK$1,000 if the ManulifeMOVE member fails to maintain the eligibility of being a ManulifeMOVE member and keep the coverage of an eligible plan inforce for 12 months.
    8. Manulife is not the supplier of the fitness tracker and does not accept any liability relating to them. Manulife is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen products.
  7. Once you have registered your account, activated your fitness tracker and linked it to the ManulifeMOVE mobile app, you are recommended not to alter the fitness tracker brand in account set-up more than once each year to avoid any potential record loss in ManulifeMOVE mobile app due to change in fitness tracker. You shall keep updating your activity record in the fitness tracker app in order to refresh your record in the ManulifeMOVE mobile app in order to determine your MOVE Reward Level. Manulife is not responsible for disconnection between the fitness tracker and its app, and shall not be liable to any record loss.