ManulifeMOVE Mobile App

The ManulifeMOVE mobile app enables members to track their activity and rewards them with discounts on their annual premiums, making their every move more rewarding. Members can view progress against set goals from within the app, access special offers and monitor a range of health indicators.*

Main Functions:
Sleep Monitoring
Calories Burned

Browser support:
iOS 9.3 or above/ Android 4.4 or above
*The range of health metrics members can monitor varies depending on the fitness tracker they use.
Step 1
Download the fitness tracker app
Depending on the fitness tracker you have selected (Fitbit or Misfit), download the corresponding mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, please follow the instructions to set up your account and activate your fitness tracker.
(Reminder: when syncing your fitness tracker, please ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile.)
Step 2
Download the ManulifeMOVE mobile app
Download the ManulifeMOVE mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.
Support: iOS 9.3 or above/ Android 4.4 or above
Step 3
Verify your MOVE membership
Open the ManulifeMOVE mobile app and enter the email address you registered with Manulife and your date of birth* to verify your MOVE membership.
*Related information will be used only to verify your membership.
Step 4
Create your MOVE ID
Personalize your MOVE ID which should be at least 8 characters. You can use the letters A to Z (capital or lower case) or numbers 0 to 9, but cannot include any spaces or symbols.
Step 5
Set-up your password
Password must be composed with 8-30 characters and include both numbers and letters (case sensitive). Please enter your MOVE ID and password again.
Step 6
Link your fitness tracker account
Choose your fitness tracker and follow the on-screen instructions to authorise the syncing of your activity data. Once your data have synced, you can check your activity data on MOVE by accessing the dashboard in the ManulifeMOVE mobile app.
MOVE Tips:

  1. The most recently updated activity data refers to the record you have last synced with the fitness tracker app. Remember to turn on Bluetooth when syncing your activity data.
  2. Please open the fitness tracker app and sync all activity data before replacing your fitness tracker. This may prevent from loss of records or data.
  3. The ManulifeMOVE mobile app will only capture data from your fitness tracker account but will not sync with your fitness tracker directly.
  4. Please remember your MOVE ID and password to prevent any loss of your records or data.
  5. You are recommended to sync your data with your fitness tracked account regularly to ensure you can track your progress with MOVE based on the most recently updated data.

    Your fitness tracker will store data temporarily if you do not sync it with your fitness tracker account. Activity data recorded outside of the time periods specified below will be erased and cannot be restored.

    • Fitbit Flex trackers will hold detailed minute-by-minute data for the most recent 7 days since you last synced, and daily activity summaries for the most recent 30 days.
    • Misfit Shine trackers will store data for the most recent 31 days since last synced.

Get your MOVE on now!
Reward every move with discounts on your premiums!

New functions in the latest 2.0 version

  • Enhanced Goal Tracker to view your MOVE progress
    Track your progress step by step, and see your target average number of steps per day and "days to go" to meet your target.

  • Badge system
    All new badge system to reward you for being active!

    *Please read Terms of Use of ManulifeMOVE Mobile App.